Alcohol and Commonly Caused Accidents

Imagine that you and a few friends are going out for a drink. That is what One Tree Hill actor Nathan Scott did one night - he went to drink with friends at a party. The scene ends with Lucas Scott, Nathan's brother, and Nathan Scott getting arrested. Because it was a television show, they were cleared of all charges and nothing bad happened, even though they were driving with an open container in the car and ended up throwing the said open container of alcohol at the police. Do you really want to find yourself in this scenario? If not, keep reading.

Whether you're just buzzed, you have only had a little bit to drink, or you have had a lot to drink, accidents can happen. Regardless of whether or not you feel like you're okay to drive, if you've had alcohol, you are most likely not going to be okay to drive. Commonly caused alcohol accidents aren't limited to simply driving, either. Studies have shown that just having alcohol and being intoxicated can lead to trouble wherever you may be.
Many ads for beer and wine place the line “please drink and drive responsibly.”

It’s time to take their advice. OR, better yet: “Please don’t drink and drive – at all!” It is not uncommon for someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol to get arrested. That is a lucky scenario and just one of the many “accidents” that can happen.

Other accidents that can happen include crashing into a tree. This is dangerous for everyone in the car, even if they are wearing their seatbelt – many people who crash in a car end up dying from this. Other commonly occurring alcohol-related accidents can be just as fatal. Thousands of alcohol crashes can and do occur every year.

The alcohol related accidents mentioned above do not include ones from walking. Imagine just walking down the street to get to your house. A drunk driver swerves to avoid hitting something else and hits you instead. This is a classic example. Or imagine walking home drunk and not noticing an oncoming car.

Being intoxicated is dangerous, and one should take the steps to avoid it. Remember to limit your drinking, especially in public, or avoid drinking at all. Always have someone drive you home from a party, even if you’re only slightly buzzed. Everyone’s level of tolerance is different, and although you may think you can handle a higher level of alcohol, you might not be able to.

In closing: Alcohol related accidents are becoming more and more common. By educating yourself, friends and family on the dangers of alcohol and knowing when you’ve had too much to drink, you will protect yourself and your family from alcohol-related harm. Remember, drink responsibly. Drive responsibly. Don’t do the two together.



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