Can you buy car insurance for one day?

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What is this one day car insurance I keep hearing about?

One day car insurance policy is exactly what you expect it to be: policy that involves covering a vehicle for a single day without necessarily breaking the bank. While annual insurance policies are the most popular types of policy, there are many reasons why you might need a one-day car insurance quote. Take, for instance, your car breaks down, and you need to borrow a friend’s car while your car is in the garage or you are looking to invest in a new vehicle, and want to take your potential new vehicle for a test drive. You’ll need a short term cover possibly a one-day insurance policy to do so.

The process

One day car insurance policy is easy to acquire and can be quickly arranged to start from the moment you bought it. You’ll need a few key bits of information at hand and certain requirements you should have met to speed up the process they include:
• Your name, address and details of your driving licence.
• You should be at least twenty-three to seventy-five years old.
• You also should have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 12 months.
• The duration of the cover.

Different insurance firms have different one-day car insurance policies that result in varying price ranges. Insurers will ask you a series of questions when calculating your car insurance quote that help them determine the risk they are potentially taking on and how likely you are to make a claim on your policy. Also, all vehicles have a group rating that is given to them by Association of British Insurers (ABI), and each rating is based on the risk of the vehicle. Insurers may also reassign a car to a different group based on trends they identify from their records.

More info

Of course, there is always another option to add a friend or a family member to your existing car insurance policy if necessary. However, this might not be the cheapest way to arrange the cover you need and could put at risk your no-claims bonus if whoever borrows your car has an accident driving it. Moreover, if something happened to your vehicle while someone else was driving it and you needed to make a claim that would probably mean an increase in the following year’s premium whereas claiming on a separate day insurance policy wouldn’t affect your personal car cover in such a way.
Another advantage of a one-day car insurance policy is its ease to set up, availability and speed that it can be acquired. It is often seen as an emergency cover as it requires less information for it to become fully active.
However, the criteria for a one-day car insurance policy is less strict than an annual insurance, and, thus, can present itself as a higher risk for the provider. Therefore, the providers have an age restriction usually from twenty-three years to seventy-five years old.


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